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Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Wed Jun 12 10:22:54 EST 1996

> > Sarah Boomer wrote:
> > > I have known women (and I'm sure there are quite a few men, too)
> > > who have been denied post doc fellowships because they didn't pick up and
> > > move across the country (which would have been difficult because of
> > > family).
> > (Susan Jane Hogarth:)
> > Huh? _denied_??? What do you mean? 

Barb Lewis wrote:
> Susan, you misunderstood here. A number of prestigious private fellowships will
> give awards only to people who are moving geographically. Staying at the
> same University, even if switching mentors and departments - is judged to
> be less valuable training than moving to a new location. This is pretty
> much explicitly stated either in the application rules, or in the judging
> guidelines. Having received one of these
> postdoc fellowships (e.g., Helen Hay Whitney, Jane Coffin Childs) is a big
> plus on
> one's C.V. when applying for faculty jobs.

Barb (and others),
Thanks for clarifying this.
I see, and I noted that in an ealier post. _However_, the operative word in your post 
seems to me to be the term "private fellowships". Why shouldn't they make whatever conditions 
they want? (not _trying_ to be flippant here, I really don't understand). A gov't-supported
fellowship would be different, of course. 


Susan Jane Hogarth

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