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Fri Jun 14 07:58:28 EST 1996

DK  <dkat at> wrote:

>Anyone who can get into Graduate School should be smart enough to
>figure out the facts of life themselves.  Women are raised to think of
>themselves as children dependent on others.  I've been in academia for
>more than 20 years and have never heard such stuff.  Grow up.  DK

I was 21 when I entered graduate school right out of my B.S. program. 
I was mentored and guided by tenured male professors who if they
were married had wives that had "jobs" and not careers if they did work.
Multiple post docs and moving around the country was not part of
the experience they shared with me as I doubt it was part of their 
experience.  At this time I was smart enough to get into graduate
school.  I had already completed a research project as an undergrad
that led to my first publication, but I did not have the insight to
realize or even to ask about the implications of embarking on a career path 
that would delay till after age 30 the start of any retirement savings
(graduate stipends and postdoc pay don't leave much room for IRAs) or
the purchase of a first home (hard to do when you are moving every few
years).  I have grown up (matured ? gained life experience ? ) a lot in 
the 10 years since I made that decision to go to grad school and I have 
learned about a lot more than just science.  I hope to share what I know
and my experiences with new and prospective grad students, even those
(or perhaps especially those) who may not know enough to ask.   

Thanks to all of you who take the time to share your experiences with
others in this group.  I feel less isolated dealing with many issues 
when I hear from people who have dealt with or are dealing with similar


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