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I'm forwarding this to both women in biology and WISENET;  Please excuse
the multiple postings.

Linden Higgins

>>>>>From: "Lydia Bickford" <lydia_bickford at ios.doi.gov>
>>>>>        The Clinton administration is asking its women
>>>>>     political appointees, like me, to ask women around the
>>>>>     country what's on their minds.  It can be issues,
>>>>>     concerns, furies, good, bad, et.al.  I will need your
>>>>>     full name and address so they can send you a thank you
>>>>>     note.  The list will NOT be sold, given away, dropped
>>>>>     from the roof,...Please describe yourself briefly, I
>>>>>     like to do a quick demographic paragraph in my report.
>>>>>     Then tell me what you want the Clinton people to know.
>>>>>     I write the reports of your views and take them to my
>>>>>     contacts in the White House women's office.  They, in
>>>>>     turn, meet with the guys at the top.  The reports do go
>>>>>     to Clinton.  If you have personal experiences,
>>>>>     anecdotal information, that's great.  There is no time
>>>>>     limit on this project, so we'll just keep going.
>>>>>     Please share this message/information with women you
>>>>>     think might be interested.  Any woman is free to
>>>>>     express her views, as long as she has access to the
>>>>>     internet.  I promised to solicit the views of 1000
>>>>>     women myself, so please, please, please pass this
>>>>>     along. (I know, I got overenthusiastic.)
>>>>>        My internet address is:
>>>>>                        lydia_bickford at ios.doi.gov

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