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Mon Jun 17 21:14:21 EST 1996

In article <4q0555$dkq at> dkat at (DK) writes:
 Also, it
>bothers me quite a bit that so little of the net has female postings
>and I frequently get email from females that do not post what they are
>writing me.  It has the effect of making one more area look like a
>"man's" world.  

Have you considered that it may be because those women are following usenet 
rules and have something personal to discuss with you and so are not making 
their comments public?  

Since I came to adulthood during a period when women
>were expected to learn to cook, clean, get married, have kids, and all
>of the things I loved were off limits, I tend to be a bit radical on
>this issue.  DK

Fine.  But I'd like to observe here that your response to women seems quite 
sexist.  Are you not at all aware of this?

>Some after thoughts - I suppose since I grew up without any support
>what so ever I get somewhat impatient with adult women who seem to
>need the care that my children do.  I also come from a culture where
>such dependency is highly frowned upon.  Even having such support
>offered to me makes me highly uneasy.  I will try to be more tolerant
>of cultural differences and put more thought into it before I let
>myself rant. I still, however, have the same response every time I
>think of the original post and every one I ask of their response to
>the first post either looks at me as if I have finally lost it or
>thinks I am joking.  That includes graduate students.  If this is not
>an isolated case (what undergraduates or graduates expect of graduate
>school and the job market), then it seems that some serious effort
>should be made to make students aware of the facts before they enter
>Graduate school.  Being the cynic I am, I doubt Universities would see
>this as being in their best interest.  So the question I then come to
>is do we as women want to discourage other women from entering the
>field because it like most of life is not going to be easy?  DK

I have to say it again, I really think that your remarks about women reveal a 
profound dislike for women.  How do you deal with the fact that you are one?


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