comm. skills seminar

Denise Storck-schattner storck-s at
Mon Jun 17 09:00:01 EST 1996

To Lisa who was inquiring about the communication skills seminar:

Before going to school full-time, I worked as a secretary full-time to 
put myself through school part-time.  I had the luxury to attend many of 
these seminars for my job.  What I found was that once you have attended 
one, you have attended them all.  The first one I ever went to was very 
good, and it reminded me of things that I have already somehow 
subconsciously learned.  However, the subsequent ones that I was sent to 
were basically the same as the first.  If you have never been to one of 
these before, I highly recommend attending.  You will probably find it 
worth your $79 overall, and you will come away with fulfillment either 
because of what you already knew or what you may have learned new. 

My two cents worth...


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