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Cindy Gustafson-Brown cgb at JEEVES.UCSD.EDU
Mon Jun 17 02:56:19 EST 1996

>>Dear DK,
>>With sincerity,BethBeth ShusterUniv. of California, Daviseoshuster at

>I have received several e-mails on this post which in itself I find
>odd.  I assume we do want female presense on the net.  Why do all of
>the females send me e-mail rather than post?  Why not get bitchy right
>back.  If I am out of line, tell me so in public.  If you haven't
>noticed recently, the nice guys are getting screwed.  It is time to
>speak up and be noticed.   One email inspired me to moderate my tone
>and be perhaps a bit more "feminine" and not be so bitchy but this one
>(having been preceded by a similar one) has inspired me back into
>If this is a nice soft, pink, touchy feely, support group and a
>private club, tell me so. I will respect your territory and get out.
>It is the only group I have found for female scientist but I can do
>without it since I am only moderately sexist.   I will not stop being
>what I am to fit your and anyone elses stereotype of a female.


(generally if I'm going to criticize someone I do
>it in private - I did not consider my original post a criticism).  DK

What is wrong with this picture? Does anyone else find it self-contradictory?

Cindy Gustafson-Brown
UCSD Biology

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