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Tue Jun 18 22:13:34 EST 1996

Dear Pat,
	Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  I entered grad. school always
upfront that I wanted to teach.  I have stumbled through the market with
little success - learning on my own all the subtleties of where to look
for advertisements, how to tailor a resume vs a CV... little in the way of
advise or encouragement from people around me.  I am near to finishing and
am seriously looking at a certification program because, despite a lot of
TAs and guest lectureships, I just haven't landed one of the jobs locally
and chock it up to just not enough experience.

	It turns me off to hear academics (as I've heard expressed on this
newsgroup) say:  oh, if you want to teach, you should go into a teaching
program.  That's not what graduate programs are for.  The only teaching
programs that were available in my career searches at the time were K-12
certification programs.  What about small college, what about community
college?  I went to a small college and learned there exactly who I wanted
to be.  Graduate school has affirmed that entirely. I think it is so sad
that academics who train PhDs have to be so close-minded about broad
training given (a) the tight job market and (b) the fundamental necessity
of teaching good science at all levels (which eventually impacts
politics, government, public perception of science, and, ultimately,

	The proud daughter of a public school educator,  Sarah

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