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Thu Jun 20 04:37:24 EST 1996

I've been following this thread for sometime, and I have some questions of
my own to throw out.  I am an extended senior at a small liberal arts
college.  I've been working in industry for the past three years, and have
a paper in review.  I have tons of lab experience in molecular biology,
and some experience in immunology.  As well as enjoying my job immensely,
I also love to learn.  I am starting to apply to graduate schools to go on
for my PhD. I have absolutly NO desire to teach, at any point in my career
(she says now:).  I've tutored <sp.> several semesters, I've TA'd, and I
hate it.  So, what are the job prospects for someone like me, who wants to
get all the education I can, but wants a career in industry? As far as
moving around goes, I am only applying to grad schools in warmer climates
(I HATE Wisconsin winters).  I'm married and have a five year old son, and
my husband is all for moving, but then wants to settle down.  For this
reason, I am especially interested in grad schools near Reaserch Triangle.
 So, any advice, suggestions, or  warnings would be greatly appreciated!

Liz Kosler
Alverno College
"Science knows no country because it is the light that illuninates the
world."  -Pasteur
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