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>> Having 
>> been to a women's college, the coed grad. school classroom was a big 
>> shocker; I wasn't used to being talked over, having my comments ignored 
>> by the group, then restated and applauded by others.  
>This sounds like a truly unfortunate situation.  Since it does not mirror
>my grad school experiences in any way (I'm a fifth year PhD candidate), I
>can't offer much advice, except of course to assert yourself.  While this

This has been discussed a number of times on WISENET, the best response
I saw was "Thank you Tom, I think you made a very interesting addition
to my idea, now if we..."

>Which brings me to a tangential topic - single sex education.  I understand
>the arguments that it's a great way for women to learn to express themselves
>and learn in an uninhibited manner,[clip]
>I personally don't believe single sex education is the best route for
>educating women (or men), namely because the world is not single sex.

My opinion is generally the same, but there are those who (having
gone to single sex undergrad) are very supportive of it.  From which
I suspect that it is a very individualistic thing.

>Jenny Winters

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