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>I am not saying we should not give as much encouragment and training
>as possible to young women.  I'm referring to a change that occurs
>with time to all individuals which can only happen with age.  When I
>was young it seemed a negative and sad characteristic that "older"
>people were so much "harder" and felt things with such less passion.
>It is difficult to tell any young person that what seems to crush
>their ego now is something that will slide over them like water on a
>duck once they "age" a bit.



>>*I can be quite aggressive in USENET arguements, I am very assertive
>>when somebody bigger than I steps on my toes.  
>>There is a very real difference. Aside from telling you 
>>to look in a dictionary I can't do much better to define that difference.
>Have I been insulted?  I'm a bit slow on subtlety.

ME?! Subtle?  No, it was not meant as an insult.  I just wanted to
expand a bit on my use of "assertive"


>>During the meeting: "Well, Gina, what do you think of Tom's spin
>>on your idea?" or "Excuse me, I was trying to listen to what
>>Tina was saying" (feel free to insert male names if they are being
>Yep, absolutely right.  But what if there is no one there to speak for
>the one being walked on?

"Gee David, that is a very interesting addition to my thoughts, what do
you think about..."

At some point if I were being ignored I would start bringing a tape 
recorder and upon the first time I was ignored I would turn it on
and leave.  Not perfect by a long shot but...

I was really responding to your comment:

>>>I do not believe that you can change the institution or graduate school.


>>>One idea that might work is that at any group gathering if women are
>>>not being listened to, they might group together and discuss the
>>>issues amoung themselves. 
>>bad idea IMHO.

The way you wrote it sounded to me as if they were goign off into a corner
to discuss it.  OTOH I agreed with the statement below which (to me)
implied that they were staying at the table.

>>>If they are being talked over turn to one another and continue the
>>Now this I can agree with.


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