The B word

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Mon Jun 24 13:11:19 EST 1996

> >Shera Cave wrote:
> >> Julia, you have described this behavior so *well.*  It is curious to me why
> >> these women are proud of being this way, for it is as you say, many definitely
> >> are.  Is it, I wonder, a sort of under-dog syndrome?  A way for those who feel
> >> powerless to feel powerful, even though not in power?

Susan Jane Hogarth wrote 
> >Hmm.... This kinda reminds me of the "attitude" of many Young Black Males today.
> >I wonder if there is a connection in terms of powerlessness and striking out at
> >one's "own kind" ???

DK wrote:
> Do you all truly believe that I "struck out at my own kind", was in
> truth a "bastard" out there to hurt people for my own pleasure,
> feeling powerless and trying to get it at other's expense because I
> said that someone who was at least 22 years old and educated should be
> mature enough to know that moving is part of being in the field! (yes,
> I admit I did not say it in a polite way - I've apologized already!)

No way! Please don't think that. Jeez, by the time I wrote that bit above, we'd
gotten away from the original character slander (at least I _thought_ so), and into a
general discussion. _I_ don't think of you as being "bitchy"; I was only speaking in
the abstract (crappy phrase, but it'll have to do...).

I suppose next I'll get a barrage of letters from sensitive Young Black Males who
feel personally offended ;-)

Sorry, DK. I'd forgotten the thread started out as a personal observation.

Susan Jane Hogarth

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