Post-doc offer, What now?

Sherri Fraser sfraser at
Mon Jun 24 18:58:50 EST 1996


	I am a Ph.D. student in the final throes of my degree.  I
have been applying and being interviewed for post-doc positions
in the US (I am Canadian).  I have just received the good news
that the lab that I have (so far) been most interested in, has now
got the money they needed, and have offered me a position.  I
now would like some advice.
	The offer is for salary and "benefits".  What is a good
or bad benefits package in the US?
	I have also just received word from another lab that they
are interested in me, but I have not yet done even a telephone
interview with the PI.  How long is considered too long to make
the first person that made me an offer wait to find out if I will
accept?  How do I tell the person that made the first offer that
I (at least) want to pursue the interview process?
	This one is a tough one and I know it has been discussed
before, but I am married and we want to have kids.  We've put it
off while I did my Ph.D., but don't really want to wait too much
longer.  How do I approach the subject with the person that made
me the offer?  I have not mentioned maternity leave yet to him.
How long should I work for somebody new before my husband and I
start trying to have kids (assuming my new supervisor will agree
to this at all)?
	Finally, is there anything else I need to ask?
Especially being a Canadian that has never left Canada, what else
is important?

	Thanks for any advice,
Sherri Fraser

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