minority women in science

Kimberly Walker kwalker at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Thu Jun 27 15:34:40 EST 1996

On 22 Jun 1996, MO Regan2 wrote:

> As a minority woman in science I must say that I'm very disappointed in
> the lack of discussion to the supposed topic.  Flame, flame, flame back,

Me too.

> Meanwhile, back in the lab, this gal is once again the sole person (
> nevertheless woman) of color in her group.  While it's something that I
> don't spend acres of time thinking about.  It does get tiresome at times
> to always be "the only one".  So if someone wants to discuss this perhaps
> we can try reclaiming this thread and leave the flamers to themselves.  

 I'd love to talk about this.  I've only been the ONLY here in my current 
position as post-doc, but I have been one of "very few" for a long time.  
It is tiresome to be the walking talking representative of your 
community, IMHO.  


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