More Post-doc questions...

JuneKK junekk at
Fri Jun 28 07:12:53 EST 1996

This has been a really interesting thread to follow.  As a post-doc, I
have to agree whole-heartedly that all of the questions mentioned are
absolutely imperative to ask before committing oneself to this type of

Having been a post-doc for ~3 years, I have a couple of questions myself
as to where to go from here.   I have worked with two different (and
great) post-doc advisors, but then have had to leave due to lack of
funding.  In addition to several publications (2 first author, several 2nd
author), a post-doc fellowship award ( that has ended),and lots of
wonderful lab experience, I also have some pretty strong recommendations
from my former mentors.  

I am hearing that in my field (neuroscience), it is quite difficult to get
an asst prof position at an academic institution (research/teaching). 
What do the PIs of this group suggest as the most prudent next steps to
take, to better my chances of finding a job?  I suspect I will  have to do
another post-doc, since I am not entirely prepared to go for my own PI
grants yet!  

When do you feel it is time to make that transition from post-doc to PI? 
Do you first try to obtain an R29 (new investigator) grant while a
post-doc, so that you can find a asst prof job?  Or do you try for the job

Also, <susan_forsburg at> wrote:

You want your new PI to be someone who will be happy to help  you develop 
as a colleague.  >>

While I understand that a PI MUST obviously be concerned with the welfare
of their own research/grant successes first, I wondered to what extent you
felt that a PI should help their post-docs find a more permanent position?
 Do you encourage them to try for their own PI grants (as I've heard some

Any input would be much appreciated!


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