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Fri Jun 28 07:37:54 EST 1996

<<.jcoleman at wrote:
I'd like to know what does the standard letter say?  SHould you include
recommendation letters then?>>
If it is to someone who is not advertising a position, just write a brief
cover letter stating that you are interested in a postdoc position, who
you are, when you expect to be available, and if you have funding-mention
it (if not, omit for later discussion).  Include your CV, and tell them
recommendations are available -UNLESS it is someone you are REALLY
interested in working with.  In that case, including recommendations with
the cover letter will save time and be more impressive.  [Since you do not
want to burden the people who are recommending you with loads of letters
to write, it is more practical to ask them to send them to only people
with whom you have the best shot.]

 <<How well do you need to know what you want to do in their lab? How can
you be sure just from publications what they may be looking to do in the

You should have a general idea as to what you want to pursue- the PI will
likely have their own research agenda planned already (e.g to do work
specified on their grants).  Publications are helpful its true, but also
you might look up recent abstracts of work they've presented if possible
(e.g. Society for Neuroscience abstracts, if appropriate?)

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