minority women in science

JuneKK junekk at aol.com
Fri Jun 28 07:27:27 EST 1996

I'm entering this conversation rather late into the thread, so please
forgive me if I repeat something that's already been said.

I just wanted to comment on Kim's statement:
<<It is tiresome to be the walking talking representative of your
community, IMHO.  >>

I also work in a very culturally-mixed lab group.  As an Asian-American
woman who was born and raised in New York, I can say that I have very
American ideas towards how life should be, and about my own identity. 
These ideas, of course, do not always match that of my Asian (and other)
colleagues.  If there is a problem in this however (including
occasionally, some rather sexist attitudes), I refuse to give it much
credance or acknowledgement.  If they have a problem with who I am, then
let them deal with it.  If I am a walking representative of my community,
then so be it, but then if so, then everyone else I work with is also!  

I have to say though, I have enjoyed working in this lab group, because we
generally acknowledge and enjoy each other's differences and become better
educated about them.


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