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SL Forsburg (susan_forsburg at wrote:
: My NIH study section experience has been that the sort of situation 
: Rae describes is viewed as what it is (senior postdoc looking for grant
: to go on market) rather than a beginning investigator with a real
: position getting started.   The study sections DO NOT LIKE IT.  
: Your mileage may vary, but if the study section is strict about it, 
: an R29 will get nailed for  lack of a truly independent position and 
: institutional commitment. A letter from the PI saying you can have 
: lab space and a different title is NOT enough.

Susan and others in the know,
Is there a more appropriate grant than the R29 for a person who will be
remaining in his postdoc lab as a "Staff Scientist" to apply for? I know a
couple of people who have completed their postdocs (and their postdoc
fellowships) but have obtained positions as staff scientists in the same
lab. They have their own space there and an independent project that they
developed. They have written grants for NIH (I don't know if it's R29 or
not since I don't know the lingo too well) and they have been
unsuccessful. If R29 is the grant for new assistant professors to apply
for, then what is the grant for staff scientists? These staff scientists I
know told me that one reason they desired the "staff scientist" title was
that it enabled them to apply for certain NIH grants for which they were
ineligible when a postdoc (the R29 or something else?). Have they been


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