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Kathy J. Miller kjm2e at poe.acc.Virginia.EDU
Sun Mar 3 15:42:36 EST 1996

cathy.jones at writes:
> I wanted to get some feedback from this group re: going
> back to school in your late thirties.
> In high school, I had an old-fashioned counselor who
> thought that I would be happier taking typing and
> home ec classes even tho my skills and interests always
> tested out high in science. I've denied that science
> interest for 20 years, but have finally decided to try
> and do something about it.
> I'm taking entry level courses in biology, chemistry;
> soon I'll try physics and calculus; all of this at a
> community college in the Bay Area, CA.
> What I'd like to know is if anyone has experience with
> moving back into heavy academics after working for 15
> years? Did you find college life difficult? Did you 
> continue to work and then find a school that fit the
> schedule you wanted? How long did it take? What schools
> did you end up at?
> Thanks for any help. 
> Cathy Jones
> cathy.jones at at CHUB1
I can truly understand your situation because I have been
there..I returned to school part-time (community colleges in CA
are great!!) at 25, transferred to UVa and finally finished my B.A. 
last year at the age of 30....I too have denied my love for science 
and ended up with a degree in Women's Studies, 
which I wouldn't trade for anything!!! I am now researching grad school 
programs in Conservation Biology and taking chemistry and physics at a 
community college...I worked mostly full time while in school and it 
was rough but worth it!! We had a group at UVa for "non traditional" students 
to get together and discuss our highs and lows...Anyway, if you have any 
questions regarding schools or just want someone to converse with about your 
plans, please feel free to write me at my e-mail address!!! 
A hint: some schools are more receptive to older students than others
...ask if they have a non-traditional group or club on campus!!!

Good luck, 

Kathy J. Miller (former Californian, now partially lost soul)
kjm2e at

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