Drmarts drmarts at
Tue Mar 5 09:27:22 EST 1996

>>Using the term "flesh" to refer to a light, pinkish beige is not un-PC,
>>there are no humans with muscle tissue that color.  It is the name of a
>>crayon put out by Crayola, the source for many of us for our color
>>terminology.  B-)

>>Robin P.  panzar at

Ahh, but Crayola changed the name of that crayon to "peach" in the 1970's,
in response to complaints that calling it "flesh" was racist. 

Even better, I recently bought my nieces and nephews a set of
"flesh"-colored crayons that spanned the whole spectrum of skin color,
from pale peach to near-black. 

who is of Northern European, primarily Celtic, racial heritage with a
touch of Cherokee for good measure...

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