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Tue Mar 5 14:32:12 EST 1996

I'm enjoying this thread!

I'm 35, seperated and have an MSc.

I avoid the use of titles whenever possible because I can see very little 
real use for them.  Mind you, if I'd gone on for the PhD I might feel 
differently ;-).  I ALWAYS use Ms when faced with necessary titlage (<- must 
be spelled wrong!), often with results that simply blow me away for this time 
and generation.  For instance, a local grocery store says "Thank you, M_. 
____..." to all customers who use a card with name on it to pay.  I get Miss.  
I get pissed.  Each and every time I correct the teller (who is usually about 
20) and explain that men don't announce their marital status - why should I?  
They are often shocked at this concept.  One frank young man told me that 
management told them to always use miss because it's more flattering! 
(management will hear from me)

My other favorite offense is the question "Is that your maiden name?".  My 
response:  "It's my name".  If they persist:  "I've never been a maiden.  
Didn't know they still existed."

I must admit, sometimes I wish there was some way that one could indicate an 
MSc (Mistress of Science to you!).  Being an untitled female seems to beg 
assumptions.  I've worked in and around medicine for years as a research tech, 
etc.  Wish I had a buck for every time I've been asked if I'm a nurse.  I 
desperately want to go ballistic at that one, but respect many nurses.  Also, 
they are often the ones asking the question....

Final note on a too long post:
I'm about to complete my divorce and return to my LEGAL status here in British 
COlumbia:  "spinster".  No kidding.

Maid Heather

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