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Aaron Pawlyk (aaron at ccat.sas.upenn.edu) wrote:
: Yeah, the over-PC attitude is nuts.  But you have to understand that there
: are a lot of people with an ethnic background that feel very strong about
: that background.  There are a lot of people in America that feel their
: ethnic background is very important, and those people wish to be "labeled"
: in a certain manner due to pride in their background.  I respect that.
: I just respect others wish to be called whatever they want!  Whether it is
: American, Black, Afro-American, Cuban, Latino, Japanese, Asian, Croatian, 
: etc. etc.

	The way I deal with this is I don't get angry or upset when someone
	calls me something that I find offensive.  What I tend to do is
	politely go up to them and comment that, "Hey, I would much
	rather that you consider me ______."  That way, I am labeling myself
	and that individual understands how I want to verbally label me (err,
	did y'all get that one?).

	Always remember what the intention of the individual is... is it
	to insult or do they genuinely NOT know what to call you?  I've
	met many people who call me Chinese and I'm not simply because they
	don't know what else to call me.  =)

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