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Something really struck me when reading the post snipped below.  Somehow, 
I have to learn to laugh at the narrow-minded - hopefully "insignificant" 
people in the world.  If I give them no power over me, then I am free to 
live as I see fit.  This is a good thing!

On 5 Mar 1996 14:00:44 GMT, 
Wildlife Biometrics Computer 1  <CORTEVIL at wildlife.dnr.state.mi.us> wrote:
>their "attempted insult" failed. That is what I was trying to convey in 
>my message- it's only an insult if you let it be an insult. I read 
>someone's message this morning saying that the comment about "women 
>barefoot and pregnant" makes some women extremely angry and others (like 
>me) just laugh about it. Some people may believe that it is a true 
>comment about women's place in the world, but what someone that ignorant 
>about the world says about women is truly insignificant. Live your life 
>the best you can (in all the unfairness that exists in today's world) and 
>try your best to make it better for those who will come after us. As a 
>woman, I am doing the best I can by doing what I want to do with my life 
>and ignoring those who think women have no place here. And I am trying to 
>make the path easier for the women who want to do the same things that I 

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