Ms. S.J. Rickard srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Mar 6 07:10:47 EST 1996

Being over PC can be as harmful as not being PC at all, as it can 
alienate people who might otherwise support a non prejudicial point of 
view. A friend of mine recently went to Berkley University in California 
for a year as part of her British degree. She's gay and was active in the 
Sheffield University LGB (we're not into that transgendered thing yet, thank 
god!) and wanted to be involved over in the States. She was horrified to 
find that virtually all the LGB groups at Berkley are race identified. 
She said that Americans were obsessed with race and that all she wanted 
was somewhere to meet other gay students/town people and she wasn't 
bothered what creed or colour they were.
Of course it's very important that non white people or any other 
minorities such as disabled people etc have a voice and forum within the 
gay community, but being utterly bogged down by race as Berkley seemed to be 
only divides people who otherwise have alot in common.
Britain is a racist place (where isn't), but the way to combat it is not 
to ram it down peoples throats and alienate potential supporters 
(moderates) who percieve the message to be really radical and ultra left 
wing and therefore stupid and wrong. Ridicule and backlashes then follow.
People can call themselves what they want, but an utter obsession with 
something is not always a good thing!!!!!
Just my viewpoint as a British "liberal"!!

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