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Ms. S.J. Rickard (srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk) wrote:
: I am willing to embrace them on grounds 
: of their sexuality (i.e. lesbian), but do not see them as "one of us" on 
: the basis of solely their gender reassignment. 

	How do you feel about heterosexuals who are active members within
	the gay community?  Granted, I am a heterosexual woman but I
	would be offended by someone who is gay or lesbian or bisexual
	and does not consider me "one of them".  I've been active in
	gay and lesbian issues for the past five years of my life, very
	active in issues concerning teenagers and questioning young 
	adults.  I know a lot about the history of the lesbian and gay
	movement, especially here in the United States and am more vocal
	about gay and lesbian issues than most gays and lesbians that I
	know.  I am often mistaken to be a lesbian.

 :The gay community has a hard 
: enough time fighting for rights concerning sexuality and I don't think it 
: has the time or resources to fight what I percieve to be "someone elses 
: corner". 

	I think that transgenderism, atleast on this campus, is an issue
	that many MANY people do not know much about... and it deals with
	breaking stereotypes and wrong preconceptions just like the 
	lesbian and gay community.  Transgenderism isn't just a "gender"
	issue.  It talks about breaking down the roles of what a man
	and what a woman is.  What defines feminity?  Is this an attribute
	only given to women or can a man be feminine as well?  What
	kind of assumptions are made when someone is overtly "feminine"?
	Many people don't realize how biased they are in these respects.
	Or how greatly offensive they are being.

	The gay community has a hard time breaking down the stereotypes
	and the images that society tends to have.  The transgendered
	community does exactly the same thing... and many members of the
	lesbian and gay community find that they also label themselves
	transgendered and find that the fight for both are the same issue.

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