are you the secretary?

Stefanie Glathe (jcosta) stef
Sat Mar 9 14:52:15 EST 1996

I had a very similar experience, two years ago, just to tell for people who
collect incidences like that.
I was a Ph.D. student at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, with a scholarship
from MINERVA (from Germany, as I am German). This organization invites all its
members for a dinner each year, as well as the current holders of fellowships.
The dinner was held on campus in the institute, and of course, one could
participate with a friend. We were seated on a table with two retired
professors with their wifes. I know Israel as a very advanced country,
concerning women's rights, and there are many female professors at the Weizmann
Institute. Nevertheless, one of the old professors, after having asked my
friend's profession and research field, turned to me with the question: AND
YOU, DO YOU ALSO WORK IN SCIENCE? How big was the surprise, that I was actually
a holder of a MINERVA fellowship, and that my friend came to accompany me, the
I have to add to this, that I was dressed in a very feminine way and, that such
incidences never happened to me, since I cut my long and fair hair...
I agree with many of the newsgroup writers that it is a pity that as a woman in
schience you have to look the part in order to be taken seriously without
constant fighting, especially in chemistry, as I know.
(I am a biochemist.)
Changes are always slow, only miracles happen faster...
Let's hope the best for the future!

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