Scaring (HELP)

jcoleman at jcoleman at
Sun Mar 10 18:36:15 EST 1996

In article <4hu2ue$l7 at>, jimmym at (Jim Mirassou) writes:
>Today my 3 year old daughter was bitten on the face by a dos and had 9
>stiches dose anyone know the best ways to reduce scaring?  HELP

I would second the repsonse from someone horrible that your daughter
was hurt but I think in the long run the scar will probably be relatively
unnoticable....I fell when I was 2 and put a rather good sized cut in my
forehead which required 7 stitches...and I think the only peson who knows I
have that scar is me, my parents and my husband...and my husband probably since
I pointed it out to him *laugh* We were sharing all our childhood war stories
:-) I think injury to your child is always more traumatic to the parents than
to the grandmother remembers the day I got my stitches..when we got
home from the hospital, my parents and grandparents were all sick to their
stomaches and didn't eat any dinner...however I had two bowls of beef stew :-)


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