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In article <v01510100ad68ff8f2ec4@[]>, dlb17 at PSU.EDU (Dianna L. Bourke) writes:
>>Ok, this may be tangential to this thread, but in my experience
>>(only one high school, granted) the vast majority of high school
>>teachers of either sex did not have Ph.D.s.  Matter of fact,
>>I don't think any of my high school teachers had anything beyond
>>a B.A. or B.Sc. and a B.Ed.  My fiance had a high school biology
>>teacher with a Ph.D., but it was in astronomy.  Go figure.
>>Do you know if your students call their male profs Mr. _____ ?
>>- Hannah
>Hannah asked whether male professors had the same problem with students not
>addressing them as doctor. After asking a few of my male colleagues about
>this, it turns out that they have the same problem, at least initally, but
>it dosen't seem to last as long in some cases. Seems we just have to get
>more Ph.D.s into the high schools (which is highly likely considering the
>college level job situation or lack thereof!).
>This leads me to ask the group another question: Do you think high school
>science teachers should have an advanced degree in science education or in
>the specific science they want to teach (with the appropriate educational
>credits and certification of course)?  I personally feel that having the
>science degree in a specific discipline is a better idea. What do you
>Dianna L. Bourke
>Penn State Hazleton
I think the PhD who teach in college should have an advanced degree in science
education :-) Just because you know the field doesn't mean you are any good at
presenting information to other fact in my past experience, the
excellent tenured professors in college were the worst teachers....the best
teachers were not as good researchers and failed to get tenure and hence
disappeared from the face of my undergraduate world ;-) My best high school
teacher had worked as a chemist in the field and was a good teacher as
well...but I've also had my share of "science teachers" mainly educators who
decided to teach science......I think the ones with advanced degrees in science
were more interesting but harder to follow....the ones with advanced education
degrees are easier to follow but less challenging. I think high school would
benefit from more advanced science degrees and college would benefit from more
advanced education degrees.


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