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This is a multi-forwarded message that I received.  I think it's for real,
so it might be worth putting your 2 cents worth in and forwarding to other


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>Date:          Thu, 29 Feb 1996 12:38:49 -0600 (MDT)
>From:          falori at cc.usu.edu (Lori Roggman)
>Subject:       Re: thought you might be interested!
>>>>Hey gang,
>>>>I have a friend (Lydia Bickford) who is a Clinton appointee, and she asked
>>>>me for help on a project.  It's described below in more detail, but it's
>>>>basically an effort by the White House to collect information on the
>>>>views/concerns/opinions/etc.. of women across the country, be they
>>>>Republicans, or whatever.
>>>>Lydia is leading the effort to collect this information via internet, as
>>>>opposed to using focus groups in assorted locations.  Would you be willing
>>>>to sign up, to at least find out what it's about?  All it requires at this
>>>>point would be sending her your name and e-mail address.
>>>>Her address is:  lydia_bickford at ios.doi.gov
>>>>Also, would you consider passing this request on to friends who might be
>>>>Thanks a lot.  Let me know if you have any questions.
>>>> ----------
>>>>From: Lydia Bickford
>>>>Subject: White House Women's Initiative
>>>>Date: Friday, February 16, 1996 1:41PM
>>>>     Jeff-The Clinton people have put together a women's
>>>>     office.  They have asked women political appointees to
>>>>     gather information on women's concerns, anger, good
>>>>     stuff, etc.  They asked women political appointees who
>>>>     were going back to their home bases for the holidays to
>>>>     host an 'At the Table" event.  The appointees were to
>>>>     gather 10 or so women and have a discussion of what's
>>>>     on women's minds.  Then, the appointees were to write
>>>>     up a report and give it to the Women's Office.  They,
>>>>     in turn, report to President Clinton.  Since I was not
>>>>     going back to Madison and am known as Ms. High Tech,
>>>>     I said I wanted to get in touch with my people and
>>>>     conduct At the Tables via internet.  So, here we are.
>>>>     In a weak moment, I said to Betsy Myers (head of the
>>>>     office, Dee Dee's sister) that my goal was to contact
>>>>     a thousand women in the next few months, so I'm really
>>>>     going to need your help.  If you could talk with your
>>>>     friends in sociology, econ., wherever.
>>>>        Address is lydia_bickford at ios.doi.gov.  If they can
>>>>     contact me, I'll send them anexplanation and off we'll
>>>>     go.
>>>>       Keep in touch, let me know what's up
>>>>     please.  lydia
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