lab chemicals and conception

robinson at robinson at
Fri Mar 8 17:37:12 EST 1996

>      If someone was *knowingly* trying to conceive a child, should
> they avoid being exposed to certain chemicals?  Should they leave
> the lab environment alltogether?  What are the different concerns of
> men and women?  I am curious about this, and would like information
> for *furture* reference.
>      Are there any publications available which address these
> problems?
>             Dawn Gordon,PhD in training

If I was trying to get pregnant, I would make a list of all the chemicals I 
was in regular contact with and check out the MSDS's. Some, of course, are 
givens: mercury, radioactives, selenium, and so on. After doing that, I would 
try to eliminate the hazardous ones from my environment. If that is not 
possible, check with the employer for possible reassignment. And the hazardous 
levels of each new chemical should be documented.


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