high school teachers

Sarah J Frankel sfrankel at uoguelph.ca
Fri Mar 15 19:29:32 EST 1996

Something has to be done about highschool teachers in general. But 
science in particular is so important, becuase it is so easy to teach 
misinformation. My grade 13 chem. teacher (and I use the word teacher 
loosely) was absolutely useless. He spent an hour drawing checkerboards 
and squiggles with letters and numbers on the board. We asked him what he 
was talking about, and he ignored us (literally looked at the ceiling as 
we talked). it took us 2 more classes to realise that he was talking 
about valences.

He frequently switched sigma and delta. He couldn't do simple molar 
ratios, and when I told him I couldn't follow his class he told me to 
redo grade 12, or get a good tutor because I probably wasn't very bright. 

Well, to keep from reliving one of the worst years of my life, I'll just 
say a group of us, along with a very supportive teacher, brought the man 
to the attention of the principal etc.

By the time I'd encountered him I'd already chosen science as my pursuit, 
so I resented him all the more for screwing it up.


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