considering my options...

dr._margaret_martens at FTDETRCK-CCMAIL.ARMY.MIL dr._margaret_martens at FTDETRCK-CCMAIL.ARMY.MIL
Mon Mar 18 11:21:06 EST 1996

     Amy Russell (arussel at wrote:
     >... i'm thinking about joining the peace corps after i finish my 
     >master's. ... so i guess my question is, how are others in the field 
     >of academia going to react to this? will i be viewed as being not 
     >dedicated? will this make me somewhat of a pariah in the field of 
     >grad program applicants?
     I agree with everything that Susan Forsburg said in her post and would 
     like to comment on my own personal experience.  I took 2 years off 
     after receiving my B.S. to work as a technician.  I already knew that 
     I wanted to go on to grad school, but felt that I was just not ready 
     at that time.  I have never regretted this decision.  During the 
     application process no one ever even questioned the break in my 
     academic progress.  In addition, I was much better prepared for grad 
     school when I got there and had a firmer grasp of why I was there and 
     what I wanted to achieve.  Two years is, in my opinion, a good break.  
     Much longer than that and it becomes increasingly difficult to get 
     back into the academic grind.
     Best wishes,

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