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kelly tetro 4klt5 at qucdn.queensu.ca
Wed Mar 20 10:14:18 EST 1996

A word of caution about getting advanced degrees to teach at the
high school level..In Canada (perhaps elsewhere too?) many school
teachers are part of a union and thus must be paid based on their
qualifications. Therefore if you have a Ph.D. you must be paid, say 
$60,000, whereas a B.Sc. graduate is paid say $30,000. Most school
boards cannot afford the higher salary and will hire the B.Sc.
graduate first (in such that the Ph.D. is overqualified). Since
both would do the *same* (ie. teach science to high school students,
I am not arguing who would do it better) job in the end, the school
board can hire two B.Sc. graduates for the price of one Ph.D,
which often better serves their interests.

To overcome this problem, many people recommend getting the teaching
job first, then going back to school part time to better your credentials.

I agree with the arguments of why a Ph.D. is better to teach
high school science, but your training will be useless if a school
board will not hire you to do the job you love.

Kelly Tetro
4klt5 at qlink.queensu.ca 

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