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"Ms. S.J. Rickard" <srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk> wrote:
> Here in Britain 
>our teachin/schools system is in total financial crisis (isn't everything 
>here?) and schools hire cheaper teachers because they HAVE to and can't 
>afford to pay for an older or more qualified teacher. They have to employ 
>lots of just qualified teachers rather than a range of teachers of 
>variuos ages and experience. I lost an experienced and older biology 
>teacher in the middle of my A levels because of cash shortages!!
>In my school there were no teachers with Phds, it just isn't done I don't 

That wasn't always the case in England, though. When I was in high
school (early 70s) there were at least 3 staff with Ph.D.'s at my
first high school, and one at the second which was a much smaller
school (we moved when I was 15). When I went back on a short visit
to my first HS, they had taken on a fourth Ph.D. who was in his
40s and had been working in industry before deciding to move into
teaching. At that time there was a scheme in operation to try to
encourage scientists to go into teaching and share the benefits of
their research experience. Having moved on, I was never taught by
that man, but I know several people who were and found him to be an
excellent and inspiring teacher.

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