Motivating girls to do science

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>Of course I  
>do love sharing my enthusiasm for science with children and young adults, 

>but I would never encourage anyone to enter a field that was flooded  
>unless they 1.) absolutely loved science, for example, with a passion,  
>and 2.) knew exactly their chances for *advancement* in their career.   
Dear Denise: 
Before anybody starts college in the career of their choice, a college
counselor should be used to help that person determine their options and
career oportunities.  It is not a teachers place, unless they are also a
career counselor to determine what that persons opportunities should be.   
Enthusiasm cannot be dampened.  Only those individuals who truly want to
progress in a competative field make it.  I can tell you this from personal
experience.  To make a subject exciting to females is not encouragement and
much as enrichment.  Give females the tools to make their own choices. 
Again, from my own experiences in animal behavior,  when women entered the
field, the science changed drastically.  Preconcieved male biased ideas
were finally challenged and proven wrong.  We need more women in science,
because it is a voice that has not been heard.  We bring new ideas and we
challenge the status quo of the old.  We are the revolution that is needed,
and the more women that follow the better. 
Diana Praschnik

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