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Wed Mar 27 03:52:24 EST 1996

> wahchan at liverpool.ac.uk wrote
> >B.A.Shama at MCS.salford.ac.uk wrote:
> >: What are the reasons for there being so few women in computer science?
> >
> >: Is it family ties?, Not intelligent enough?, Think differently to men?,
> >: Have they not been studying in this discipline for long? The discipline not
> >: being attractive enough, either financially or in a practical context?
> >
> >: What can be done to improve the situation?
> >: More education at an early age?, Not being stereotyped into certain jobs?,
> >
> >
> >You are right on all account and  I am afraid there arent anything we
> >can do about it. When it comes down to dedication, logical thinking
> >and scientific research we dont find many women who is versatile in this
> >field.
> >
> >
> Hmmm.  Maybe I should just not even reply to this, but it is so
> inflammatory as to require a response.  The real reasons for there being so
> few women in Computer Science is that it is thought to be boring by girls
> and they are not encouraged to go into it.  This is still a relatively new
> field, and one that has always been predominated by men, probably due to
> it's close relationship to math (another predominantly male field).  Until
> recently, most of the people using computers have been men, so why is it a
> surprise that mostly men are designing the computer and systems that they
> are mostly using?  Even now, the majority of the people using the web are
> men.  Girls will begin seeing computer science as an important field to go
> into, and they will go there.  Women tend to be more visual, and the
> increase in visibility of the WWW, a very visual representation of computer
> power, will bring the women in.  The lack of women in this field will
> increase with time, as it has in most other sciences, but it may never
> reach the close to 50:50 ratios seen in biology.   I think this is due more
> to the nature of the science, not to women's inability to think logically,
> or to be determined or to perform scientific research.
> I am a bit annoyed by the ignorance and blatant sexism demonstrated by Mr.
> W.Y. Chan, if he is right, then no woman should be permitted to do science
> in any field, because they have no determination, are not logical thinkers,
> and are not versatile in the ability to perform scientific research.  Hmmm.
> Maybe they shouldnt be permitted to vote either?  Or own land?  Just a
> sarcastic thought.

Hi Megan, all,
	I did not intend to offend and I apologise, maybe I should not have
made it sound too generalised, but I was replying to the original poster
and its obviouse to him that few women are in Computer Science and somehow
I support his view of the reasons why. Interestingly you mentioned about
the WWW and I would like to let you know it was a female friend of mine
who first introduce me to use the Web but I went further on and made it big.
You said women is more visual but most scientist will argue that men are
the more visual sex and I can confirm that, women I would say is more verbal
and communicate orally more than men in general. However I see no reason
why you say I am ignorant and sexist and I am not against women's right to do as
she please. If the idea of omitting women from entering the scientific
fields was because of their gender I would be completely oppose to the idea
but the fact that fewer women in the field is not something I or anyone
else can change because at the end of the day its down to the individual,
man or woman, to make the best of their ability.


> Megan
> Graduate Student
> UCLA Department of Microbiology and Immunology
> megan at ucla.edu

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