Women, Men, Science, and Communication

Eric Fairfield fairfiel at trail.com
Fri Mar 29 09:57:19 EST 1996


I expected this problem with my daughter.  She is good at math, science, 
and a number of 'non-girl' things.  She and I have worked since she was 
four on social skills and on confidence in who you are.  

One of my beliefs is in the parable of the talents from the Bible.  I 
think that each of us must strive to use our talents as well as we can.

For my daughter, this means that we have discussed (and used real 
examples from either my past or her present) how to interact with people, 
why people would tease you, what to do when they tease you and how to 
turn your weaknesses into strengths (for instance there are many 
learning styles, we are finding out which ones work for her).

For a while she was teased as the new kid at the school.  I knew about 
teasing since I had gone to an all boys high school.  One day, another 
girl came up to her on the bus and said "You're stupid."

My daughter said "I must be because, to me, your head looks like a hot 
air balloon."  The resulting laughter negated the effect of the teasing. 
Eventually the teaser gave up.  Later, my daughter and I worked on why 
people tease and how to treat the teaser more gently.

Does this help?


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