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>My friend is really worried about her abandoning the math in
>Because of the dyslexia, she may not be admitted to the magnet school 
>where there would be less social pressure to leave the math & conform. 
>They cannot afford private school, and the local public middle school has 
>real problems.  She is already starting to feel some pressure - the other 
>girls often think she is "wierd" and don't want to play with her
>Having had somewhat similar problems as a kid, when I liked to collect
>and snakes and frogs and never felt comfortable witht he other girls, yet 
>always wanted to be liked, I wonder how these things can be counteracted. 
>Being a supportive parent is necessary, but not sufficient (my parents
>always very supportive, but the constant teasing by classmates overwhelmed

>my parents - after all, they were "wierd" too). 
To begin with your friend needs an advocate for her daughter.  Her daughter
is being descriminated against due to her dyslexia.  If this is a diagnosed
case, no public run school can officially knock her out of the running. 
Second, I think the parents need to get her involved in after school
activities with other children that share her interests.  Where I live
there are lots of computer programs for children.  Check the local college
for mentors in what ever she is good at.  If it is outdoor activities, I
can think of 4H, scouts, etc.  It will always be hard for her at school,
but being involved with people after school will lessen the load. 
Diana Praschnik 

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