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Marla Brunker brunker at
Thu May 16 22:22:09 EST 1996

Linnea Ista <lkista at UNM.EDU> writes:
>> who can afford to work for 4-8 years making
>> $25,000 a year AND support a family as you should be doing when you've in your
>> thirties?
>So that's what I *should* be doing with my life now. Dang! I knew there 
>was something not quite right. Perhaps you meant "should be able to do if 
>you choose?"
	Actually, I think she may have meant " oppposed to trying to
start a family in your late thirties/early forties" which is what post-doc
payscales seem designed for. What I keep seeing are people that age who
can't afford families, men who've put off marriage because they just can't
afford it - and never mind middle-class things like owning your own home.
This is NOT people making a "choice" to be "child-free" or single, these
are people who simply cannot afford financially to have the most ordinary
pleasures of adult life.
	Someone that age who's worked as hard as post-docs do, and for
as long as they have, ought to be making more than, say a clerk-typist
who dropped out of high school and still lives at home with her folks.
 	We (by which I mean, the whole post-graduate science-education
system) have gotta come up with a better system. No joke.

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