keeping articles organized

Kelly Ambler kelly at
Tue May 21 17:59:18 EST 1996

I find a database "reference manager" program to be extremely useful.  
Most articles can fit into more than one subject file.  Thus, when 
using a subject-based filing system, the article I was looking for is 
never where I expected it to be!  The "reference manager" software used 
around here is Papyrus.  It is easy to use, flexible, searchable, etc. 
  You can import references into it (e.g., after a MedLine search), and 
can build a reference list from a document created in any number of 
word processing programs.  No more re-numbering references!  Not having 
used the other software packages, I can't directly compare Papyrus to 
EndNote, etc.  I strongly recommend some type of database software.

Kelly Ambler
University of Chicago

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