Pack A Pretty women's novel

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Wed Nov 13 18:05:45 EST 1996

Filled with intrigue, plot twists, and four exciting femme fatales, this is
a tale not to be missed. "Pack A Pretty Pistol" packs a whallop and is sure
to get your blood pumping. (Carlton Press-hardbound)

Realistic and gritty in its portrayal of prison life as it tracks the lives
of four women who are released from prison and decide to pull off one last
job to make their dreams come true. Meet Casey, the innocent scapegoat of a
fellow employee's embezzlement scam; Coco, a convicted drug dealer; Tina, a
prostitute; and China, a convicted thief. See the desperate and bleek world
of jailed women, where only the dreams of a better life can keep them
going. "Pistol" is fast-paced and fun reading. (Adult content.)

For more information, synopsis, author interview, photo of jacket cover,
visit on the web and do a title search for "Pack A Pretty

Most Waldenbook stores can order the novel if not yet in stock.
$17.95.....or can be ordered through

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