Where is everyone?

Thu Nov 14 18:49:15 EST 1996

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>I have been in and out of this group for quite a while now and
>have seen very little traffic.  Quite unfortunate if you ask me.
>If nothing else, it would be nice to have a clearing house of names
>and research interests. 

This newsgroup, whose list I've been on for 3 years now, seems to go in waves.  Some 
times there are 10-15 postings a day, sometimes weeks with nothing. It's a lot ike life.  
If I'm drowning in work, I tend not to post unless I'm responding to something, and if 
others do likewise, soon there's nothing to respond to. Since I'm in the homestretch for 
my thesis, I'd noticed the down time, but hadn't had much to contribute lately (you mean 
there's a world outside the lab?).  Furthermore, I was intrigued to see that revival cam 
with Mr Chan's return, given his past history with the list-welcome back, Mr Chan, and 
here's to a fresh start!
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