Etsuko Miyamoto rago at
Fri Nov 15 23:28:00 EST 1996

 I have married and change my name from E.Miyamoto to E. Sato. But I =

prefer to be called E.Miyamoto as same as before my marriage, and I =

use E. Miyamoto my oral or paper's auther name. But recently I found =

like that style=B9s name, E. Miyamoto-Sato or E. Sato-Miyamoto. I =

don=B9t know which name is first. I guess the current last name is =

last place like Miyamoto-Sato? =

 I think this system is very convinient. Becouse anyone wants to =

find my paper by authername in the online search, she or he can get =

both old and current name paper automatically. =

 If anyone use this name, let me know the corect usage or other good =


rago at

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