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Pamela Brutsche pbrutsch at
Sat Nov 16 17:00:07 EST 1996

Hi everyone! I just discovered this news group a month or so ago and
have enjoyed though never participated in the discussions. I'm
currently a post undergrad at Kent State University in OH. I have
spent the last seven years teaching high school science, and finally
found the courage to quit and pursue a life long dream of being a
scientist. I have found the postings of late to be a bit discouraging
in terms of potential jobs. I'm planning on studying microbial ecology
with the hopes of teaching/researching at the university
level. I love science and will not let this news deter me from my
goal. Is the reality of finding a job as bleak as these postings lead
me to believe? I realize that my job hunting days are quite a few
years away, but I believe in being prepared for everything. 

As always
Pamela Brutsche
pbrutsch at
Kent State University

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