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Trina Roberts troberts at husc7.harvard.edu
Sat Nov 16 18:19:03 EST 1996

I've been reading this group, mostly as a lurker (although I think I've
posted a few times) for over a year, and greatly enjoy it.  I'm in my
final year as an undergraduate biology major, and it's good to read what
real people in various areas of bio are saying/doing, since next year I
will be a step closer to the real world myself.  I think eventually I will
aim for a Ph.D. in ecology or evolutionary biology, somewhere, but not
necessarily next year; right now I'm feeling burned out enough that a year
(or more) off sounds better and better.  I love science; I love biology;
I'm not sure, yet, that I love research, but that's why I'm writing a
senior research thesis.  

Anyway, that's my introduction; I'd like to consider myself a "regular" in
this group, but I have, obviously, very little to contribute in the way of
experience.  I'll just keep on reading and thinking.


Trina E. Roberts * Harvard/Radcliffe Biology '97
email: troberts at fas.harvard.edu  
WWW: http://fas-www.harvard.edu/~troberts

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