Where is everyone?

Linden Higgins linden at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Tue Nov 19 10:39:05 EST 1996

Remember, too, that it is the end of the US fall semester...many, if not
most, of us are feeling even more overwhelmed than usual!

Brief Intro:  I'm a temp. faculty teaching a new course, w/ a 4 mo old
infant & a grant renewal to write (=1/2 of my salary) plus this year's job
applications to get out.  My teaching, which I enjoy but do not wish t o
make my sole activity, has become predominantly non-majors classes (the
classes most tenured faculty don't want).  My research is in behavioral
ecology and physiological ecology, using large orb-weaving spiders.  I've
moved more into the lab oveer the last few years, in part because I earn
part of my living through teaching now & can't travel as much, but mostly
because I needed to better understand the nutritional requirements of my
spiders in order to explain the behavior & ecology.

The bad news, as it were, is that I've been actively looking for a job
since I finished my first post-doc in 1990.  The good news is that I've
been able to stay active.  But the e-mail correspondence has definetly been
in the back-seat the last 4 months!


Linden Higgins, Ph.D.
Dept. of Zoology,
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX  78712
linden at mail.utexas.edu

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