PhD-flooding into alternative careers/patent agents

J. Johnson siddo at
Tue Nov 19 21:23:59 EST 1996

Hi Laurel,

Thanks for your input!

I forgot to mention that patent agent is a great alternative!  There are
several at work (I am in a small company too).  The reason I went back to
school for a JD was that I am an over achiever and thought what the hey?

I am sorry I came across as sounding harsh in using the word "defected."
I love science too, and that is why I am interested in patents (the
successes of science) and not another field of law. After thinking a long
time I determined it was not science that made me  unhappy, but bench
work.  There are other things in life for me.  Please accept my apologies.  


On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Laurel Spear Bernstein wrote:

> J. Johnson wrote:
> >  I guess I will have to wait and see if I will be inhibited in law by not having a PhD. i would love 
> to hear
> > from others who have defected from science into 
> >alternative careers.
> This is in response to this and another alternative 
> career post. There is another scenario for patent 
> law- you can practice patent law (with certain 
> restrictions of course) without having to go to law 
> school if you pass the patent bar exam (this makes 
> you a patent agent). Since I have a Ph.D. I can't 
> address the comments relating to Ph.D. flooding but 
> so far I have not been inhibited by not having the 
> JD. I attribute this at least in part to my 
> position at a fairly small and flexible biotech 
> company rather than "big pharma" which would 
> probably want more credentials.
> Also (you happen to have hit upon a pet peeve)- I 
> have not "defected from science" as you put it- I 
> am still very much in science!! I just don't get my 
> hands wet any more!
> Just my $02,
> Laurel Bernstein
> Registered Patent Agent 
> Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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