Where is everyone?

Mr. W.Y. Chan wahchan at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Nov 22 07:33:05 EST 1996

Sabine Dippel (sabine at hlrz24.zam.kfa-juelich.de) wrote:
: With me, it's the same as with most posters - I also noticed that traffic in 
: this newsgroup was nearly nonexistent lately, but being drowning in work, I 
: did not care to post anything myself.

: I also liked the idea of telling a bit about ourselves, although I think 
: that we already know a bit about the people "hanging out" here for a while.

: Okay, so I am actually a bit of an outsider here. I am a physicist, working
: in computational physics, more specifically on the flow of granular materials 
: (like sand, gravel, whatever you can think of) on rough inclines. I am working
: on my PhD and am hoping to get it finished some time next summer. I ended up 
: in this newsgroup because it was the only "women in science" newsgroup I found
: for a while and I really liked it (I have found others by now, but the only 
: other one I subscribed to was the "wiphys" list of the APS). 

: Anyway, I am also an outsider in the geographical respect, since most people 
: here seem to be from the US - I am german and working in Germany (and have done
: so all my life so far).

: At the moment, I am in the process of trying to decide what to do after my PhD. 
: I am one of those people who always wanted to stay in academia, but lately 
: wonder if that is really such a good idea, because I do not like the idea of 
: living on relatively badly paid insecure jobs for a long time to find out that
: I can't find anything reasonably secure and reasonable well paid. So now I am
: rethinking my goals, etc. I found, e.g. that besides liking teaching (which I 
: always did, but only at an advanced level, I admit - I would not like high 
: school teaching, I think), I enjoy organizing things, collaborating with people
: all over Europe (and, very important, using my language skills - besides German
: and English, I speak French fluently, and Italian reasonably well) - so I am 
: trying to find out where someone with a physics background and good communication
: skills would be useful - except science writing, which you can't live on in 
: Germany, I think. I think I would like to go into scientific publishing, but there
: are only very few jobs around here, well maybe in England, but so far I have not
: figured out whether I want to live abroad for longer than 1 or 2 years. Well,
: I guess I have to do some research on other possibilites, like international 
: organizations, especially in the European Union, but if anyone has suggestions
: where to hunt for that sort of information, I would be very grateful.

: Bye,

: Sabine

Hello Sabine,
	You do not sound very confidence about yourself at least in your
career expectation, perhaps you feel a bit fed up after persuing what
seems like an illusion for so many years you start to feel "its time to
pack it in"? Then again maybe you need support from someone close, like
a partner, no I do not wish to know your private life but sometimes having
a relationship or a close friend could give you extra incentive to decide
your future (like buying a house and willing to work harder for the few
good things you enjoy) just work and getting paid but do not know how to
spend the cash can be very unsatisfying.....


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