Where is everyone?

Mr. W.Y. Chan wahchan at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Nov 22 07:37:49 EST 1996

S L Forsburg (forsburg at salk.edu) wrote:
: WHere is everyone?  Well, they're writing grants, writing papers,
: writing theses, taking exams, giving exams, doing experiments,
: repeating experiments, interpreting experiments, teaching,  giving 
: presentations, designing clinical trials, developing new products,  
: giving seminars, reviewing papers, reviewing grants,travelling from
: one to the other and trying to have a life besides.

: Whew!

: Sarah and Sabine both write about taking alternative careers to
: the standard academic research track.  I hope we soon get beyond those
: careers being thought of as alternative.  We no longer
: ride in a little rut straight into academe now and I think that
: can be a healthy thing. It's more uncertain, of course, but in
: that is more like other professions.  Academic positions are not 
: automatic sinecures any more, but with a little luck and a lot of
: hard work you CAN get them--if it's what you  want.  

: Anyway, good luck to Sarah (and  congratulations!) 
: and good luck to Sabine, have you considered looking for
: positions dealing in science policy issues in the EC or in Germany?

: If we're doing introductions (which is a nice way for the 
: new arrivals to get to know the regulars, so we should probably go
: through this a couple of times a year),  I'll weigh in here.
: I'm an assistant professor three years onto the tenure track
: with a tiny lab at a research institute.  Life on the edge, and
: not just because we're situated on a cliff over the Pacific.... :-)
: Our research focuses on the regulation of DNA replication in the
: mitotic and meiotic cell cycle in the fission yeast S. pombe;  you
: can read more about us on our web page.

: And, I agree with Julia, there is a piquant irony to see that it's Mr 
: Chan's  note sparking a return to our civil group's activity.  :-)

Well am I welcome back or not, I do have my own opinion and speak my own
mind. Yes I think idependently, is that a crime????
If you feel you do not welcome a man who say what he believes then I will
make no further contribution here, is that so.


: -- susan
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: Susan L Forsburg PhD
: MBVL, The Salk Institute
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