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Mon Nov 25 10:35:46 EST 1996

Etsuko Miyamoto (rago at wrote:
: Hi,everyone!
:  I have married and change my name from E.Miyamoto to E. Sato. But I =

: prefer to be called E.Miyamoto as same as before my marriage, and I =

: use E. Miyamoto my oral or paper's auther name. But recently I found =

: like that style=B9s name, E. Miyamoto-Sato or E. Sato-Miyamoto. I =

: don=B9t know which name is first. I guess the current last name is =

: last place like Miyamoto-Sato? =

:  I think this system is very convinient. Becouse anyone wants to =

: find my paper by authername in the online search, she or he can get =

: both old and current name paper automatically. =

:  If anyone use this name, let me know the corect usage or other good =

: idea.

: E.Miyamoto
: rago at

Hi (Kanichiwa) Etsuko
How interesting. Considering you are Japanese and if you were in the
Orient or when communicating with another Far Easterner you will be
called Miyamoto Etsuko, your maiden surname will no longer be part of
your official name and your husband's surname will always comes first.
I do not believe in Japan or any South East Asian countries that it is
generally acceptable for a married women to include her maiden name after
she is married and tend to believe it is a practice acceptable to women
in the West.


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