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Patricia S. Bowne pbowne at omnifest.uwm.edu
Tue Nov 26 22:20:06 EST 1996

I agree with those who think this thread is a good
idea. I'm an associate professor of Biology at a small
catholic women's college. I did my MS in Marine Biology
at the University of Miami, my PhD in Zoology at the
University of Alberta, and I also have a BA in Humanities
which I took in the period of disillusionment between 
the other two degrees. My current job is the only academic
position I've had; I just finished my tenth year here and
became chair of the Natural Sciences, Math and Technology

Our school is focused entirely on innovative pedagogy,
including ability-based education, performance assessment,
and outcome-based education. I teach human physiology,
pathophysiology, exercise physiology, and a biennial course
in Coral Reef Biology. I suppose it counts as an 'alternative'
career, since my graduate education included nothing about
either pedagogy or human physiology -- but I really never
wanted anything except a small-college teaching career.

I'd be happy to pass on any info about the small-college
scene that I can -- coming from research universities, I
had to learn it all the hard way (I even remember reading
a thesis on 'The Socialization of the Young Scientist'!).
Working and studying at the big research schools do not 
prepare you for this kind of a job. I came in expecting that 
all I'd have to do would be teach, and believing that social
interaction skills weren't necessary for scientists. HAH!

Here's to learning from *other* people's experiences ;-)

Pat Bowne
Alverno College
3401 S 39th St.
Milwaukee, WI  53234

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